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Rey Lawrence Torrecampo

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Database Locks - how to monitor and manage it

Posted by Rey Lawrence Torrecampo on Jan 4, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Database locks have been a bane to most DBAs. They cause unnecessary problems to database and business processes. In this blog, we will examine what database locks are, issues that can arise from it, and provide ways on how to deal with it on SQLServer. Not only that, we will also implement it in dbWatch Control Center as an example.

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Database Performance Degradation: Ways to fix and optimize it

Posted by Rey Lawrence Torrecampo on Nov 3, 2020 2:37:27 AM


The New Normal solidified the preference of online transactions. From banks, retailers and food industry, Information Systems have adapted with the times to comply with the customer’s demand. However, not everything is dandy in this period of a new normal. With the increase in demand, this certainly merits a degradation in your database performanceMost common of this occurrence is slow running database that is visibly seen on top of applications. 

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Can a database management solution help future-proof your business?

Posted by Rey Lawrence Torrecampo on Aug 26, 2020 8:44:11 AM

Future proofing is part and parcel of any business strategy. You need to plan for your business to succeed. A noteworthy solution is investing in a flexible and reliable database monitoring tool. By investing into it, your staff is equipped with the means to increase the productivity and your business adapts to the changing landscape of your IT infrastructure. However, the process of future proofing does not end with just getting the right tool. The application of the tool and how it can add value to your business will merit your business longevity and success.

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Topics: database monitoring, sqlmonitor, sqlmonitoring