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Be proactive and productive with dbWatch Control Center

Posted by Chad Pabalan on Sep 1, 2022 8:00:00 AM
DBAs are IT professionals responsible for performing diverse activities in managing and maintaining an enterprise's database environment. He/She is crucial to the success of your organization, as data is essential in successfully navigating your business in a very competitive market, from server provisioning through database monitoring, tuning, troubleshooting, fire-fighting, upgrades, etc.
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Whether you are an Oracle, SQL, PostgreSQL, or MySQL DBA, you never know what you will be called upon to deal with next.  

As an example: There is an incident when your backup jobs are not working as usual; you being the DBA, immediately check the error log to determine what caused the issue.   

You discovered that the disk where your backups are stored was already full. To avoid this from happening again, you created a retention history for your backup jobs to remove backups greater than the maximum retention period (in days).  

These are some of the tasks a DBA does – but imagine having fifty databases or hundreds or more. Will your usual routine of checking your databases one by one is effective?  

To be a productive DBA, you should utilize specialized solutions that will help you automate the routine tasks you do daily. By being proactive, you can focus more on other critical tasks. 


How can dbWatch Control Center (CC) help you to be a proactive and productive DBA?  

dbWatch Control Center (CC) offers, in addition to the traditional database instance monitoring functionality, a feature-rich database farm solution to monitor, manage, automate, and control your database farm across the enterprise. 




dbWatch Control Center (CC) offers the latest database farm management functionality, enabling DBAs to view all instances simultaneously. The image below shows that CC displays total instances and databases with their corresponding platform and versions, providing you with a top-level overview of your database farm. 

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dbWatch Control Center (CC) helps you automate your SQLServer maintenance tasks, such as index maintenance, database consistency, and index fragmentation checks. In addition, it enables you to keep track of errors across the database farm by providing notification through email/SMS once a specific error appears.  

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CC gives you clear information on which instances have excess resources allocated to them, which you can reallocate to instances with more need for them. 

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This view displays the total disk usage in the database farm for you to determine which instances have the most disks or volumes allocated in the instance; it also shows the usage rate per volume.    


dbWatch Control Center (CC) is a complete database farm monitoring and management solution, which offers automation, consolidated views, and performance reports giving you the key information you need at your fingertips. Automating your routine tasks helps you save time and effort on manually managing databases by focusing on more critical tasks. 

At the same time, CC does all the proactive monitoring allowing you to have complete control over your database farm.   


CC offers the following:   

  • - Farm overview - consolidated views for performance, capacity, and maintenance for your entire database farm   
  • - Monitor in-depth all your instances and platforms   
  • - Performance – identify performance bottlenecks within the farm   
  • - Scalability – ability to adapt to your growing database farm   
  • - Alerting – alerting and third-party extensions tailored to your business requirements   
  • - Security – role-based access controls, Kerberos integration encrypts connections and support security certificates   


Try dbWatch Control Center (CC) today! https://info.dbwatch.com/download-dbwatch-controlcenter   


For more information, visit www.dbWatch.com or https://wiki.dbwatch.com/ControlCenter/  



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About the Author: 

Chad Pabalan is a Pre-Sales Engineer for dbWatch and a DBA specializing in SQLServer high availability setups and disaster recovery planning and configurations. He is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional, a cloud enthusiast specializing in architecture and designing scalable, high availability, and fault-tolerant systems on AWS Cloud. 



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