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Save more time with dbWatch Control Center

Posted by Rey Lawrence Torrecampo on Sep 15, 2022 6:21:00 AM

Database Administrators (DBA) are often stuck in a loop of monitoring database instances manually. To monitor each database instance, we would open a database management IDE, copy-paste our SQL command, and execute it. We would store those database management commands as procedures and automate their monitoring process. It is possible for some, but tricky if you do not have the technical "know-how".  


Monitoring instances manually is still viable, if you only have a few database instances. But, as the number of instances keeps growing, the more you need to find alternatives. For example, if you are a SQL Server DBA and monitor ten SQL server instances. Using the first method you would copy-paste SQL commands and execute them. Let's say, it takes roughly 30 minutes to finish your monitoring workflow. You would end up spending 300 minutes or so  monitoring ten SQL server instances every day.   



However, what happens if you double the number of instances or quadruple them?   

You might be spending your entire workday on monitoring your database instances. This is neither ideal nor practical, especially when more tasks are lined up for you. You have less and less time to devote to other essential duties.  

ISo that's when many DBAs starts writing their own scripts to automate or simplify the daily monitoring chores.  It's a practical approach, but have you ever stopped and thought about how much time it will take? If you're swamped with work, developing a single step in your script will take forever—factor in the script's chances of failing and cause distance in your database instance.  


Is there any other solution?  

Our recommendation is to find a monitoring and management solution for your database monitoring needs. dbWatch Control Center (CC) is a monitoring solution that automates your workflow. Rather than spending your valuable time developing a script, let CC handle it. The automation scripts are designed, developed, and tested by our Database Administrators. It's a tool for database administrators made by database administrators.   

This solution removes the development process of automating a script and relinquishes you from closely monitoring your databases. You let CC handle your monitoring efforts while focusing on other import database administrator-related tasks.  

To use the product, you don't have to be an expert in Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, or SQL Server. Just open the product and add your database instances. Then, you can start monitoring your database instances – efficiently.  




dbWatch is a powerful solution for DBAs. You have the benefits of automated monitoring; you can also monitor your entire Microsoft SQL Server environment without switching in between access. dbWatch Control Center offers more than a SQL Server Management Studio. It provides productivity for a DBA to manage his workload effectively and proactive monitoring.  


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