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Creating Datacenter heroes

Posted by Madeleine Øksnes on Mar 8, 2016 9:33:00 AM

You may not be aware of it, but choosing the right tool can be the key to achieve full control, greater efficiencies and better resource management in the datacenter.

Deploying the best tools can make datacenter heroes out of your DBAs. In most datacenters we find not only multiple database platforms such as Oracle and SQLServer, but also different versions of each platform. Each platform and sometimes each version come with their own set of tools and often complemented with multiple third party tools for monitoring, management, tuning and reporting. Together this becomes a huge complicated set of disconnected tools sharing little or nothing in common. 

 A day in the life of a database administrator (DBA) can be quite chaotic. He is required to maintain production and test environments while at the same time attending devlopment meetings, connecting legacy systems to the Web, monitoring log files, running backups, tuning performance and resolving database lock situations. Although DBAs seem to have complete control, errors and problems can and will occur. When they do, the databases is often the first thing to blame. The DBA is then on the hot seat to have a quick solution to the problem. Solving these issues is demanding. It requires hero-like skills and mastery of many tools. 

 Nothing can replace a competent DBA. But we can make his life easier and make him more productive. Deploying great tools, such as dbWatch solves many of the challenges facing the modern DBA. It consolidates management and monitoring of all versions of Oracle, SQLServer and others into one common view. It will automate the monitoring of all connected instances, freeing up valuable time for the DBA. It can replace numerous specialist tools, greatly simplifying the tools cost and situation for the DBA. And it will give total control and overview of all instances deployed in the enterprise better enabling the DBA to optimize total resource usage and prioritize better on where to focus his attention. 

 dbWatch provides a unique combination of features; monitoring, management, and reporting across multiple platforms and versions, reducing tool load, complexity and cost. These features allow DBAs to manage a large number of database instances on different database platforms efficienty. At the same time it will offer the flexibility and the functionality required in large enterprise database environments. dbWatch empowers you to stay ahead of issues, resolving them before they become real problems.